Dec 8, 2017

I am so tired.

I want to write more, really I do but I find that the battery life is shorter and shorter with each passing day. It’s just enough to get my ass up, get ready and out the door on time and get to work making it through the day.

It hasn’t been terrible lately if only because we’re in this end of year lull but even so, we do have the guards to content with.

The guards are the various managers who make regular rounds through the studio with the heads on a swivel making sure all the inmates aren’t idle or plotting their escape. You think I’m making things up but you have to remember that you punch a clock when you come in (actually you have a card that you have to flash to the card reader), log into the ‘tracker’ on your computer that follows what you are working on down to the second and let’s not forget that the office does have cameras as well.

So, when I say you have to contend with the guards that isn’t much of an overstatement.

Today, one person spent the better part of two hours loudly complaining about a file they had to work on. It’s not anything new, I’m at the point now where I can see that it’s a tactic to get out of working essentially. The longer the person complains the less time they spend getting actual work done.

Everybody too has to tiptoe around them.

You know I have a lot of patience, at least several people at work have pointedly said this to me (which honestly surprises me no end) but I’m not big on the whole making the day any tougher than it needs to be and we all do have our moments.

I do have to admit though it is starting to wear a little bit thin.

Most of the time when I find that someone has made a mistake, I just fix it. I mean honestly I could make an issue of it but it’s really not such a big deal because no one is perfect. I believe though there are some people in the office who have the sense that their shit is as fragrant as a rose.

My ‘partner’ has come to the point where he can’t abide it. I know him and I know how he gets so I don’t feel the urge to force the issue.

In a quiet office though... well it becomes very noticeable.

Now, as I said I’m not perfect and I do fuck up, but our system is fucked up as well so it’s not at all surprising that things happen but there is a concerted effort to make things better. You have choices, you can help fix a problem or be the problem and I’m starting to wonder if the person in question doesn’t see what the people around them are seeing and how it may end poorly in the future.

I guess only time will tell.

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